Monday, January 2, 2012

Merriment lasted all day

Ada Lou and Uncle Moglie on Christmas Eve  
 Our Christmas was probably a lot like most everyone elses'. The gift giving was over quickly, but the merriment lasted all day. It felt so good to be with family.

Being a parent on Christmas was fun first though. I felt an immense sense of pride when Ada played with her toy as much as the wrapping paper. The girl went giddy for the red rocking chair that Grandpa refinished. And I think she may just have to wear that sweater-y pajama-y outfit until Spring. It's so cozy and soft I could snuggle her all day (if she would let me).

It took Ada quite a while to open her gifts because she would pause after every slight wrapping-paper-tear to clap for herself. Of course we all joined in on the applause. She seemed extremely proud of herself. It made me wonder if maybe it's a good thing we're far away. The girl would walk around with an even bigger baby ego.

Am I in trouble for touching this?

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