Friday, January 13, 2012

Multiplied ignorance

I got excited about art again last week.

It feels like a while since I've had an idea driving me. Every painting I begin here starts with a sketch of some beautiful pocket of the city. And it ends with me going, "I'd rather be painting pattern."

But I feel so disconnected from my pattern paintings right now. I don't think I'm done exploring the idea of ancestry and outgrowth and perpetuity, but it's hard to feel invested in that body of work conceptually when I am filled with an overriding sense of how disconnected I feel from my roots right now. So exploring family through patterns will remain on the back burner until I'm charged by it again.

I was reading the October Liahona and came across a quote from Joseph Smith about translating the Book of Mormon. He said:
"I translated the Book of Mormon . . . in which wonderful event I stood alone, an unlearned youth to combat worldly wisdom and multiplied ignorance."
Multiplied ignorance.

That phrase echoed around in my skull for a bit before I grabbed my sketchbook and started writing. The idea of multiplied ignorance is so pervasive here. I think about it everyday--the "truths" that have been distorted or bent or misshapen or complicated--are everywhere. And I think it's relavent. Everyone is seeking truth.

Can I represent this idea using pattern? (Another thing that is ubiquitous here).

Pattern distorting, bending in on itself, multiplying, complicating its form, pattern that has a seeming life of its own, folding pattern, loosing integrity of form.

I have a few ideas brewing about how to pursue this new idea.

I also prepped 15 of my bite-sized Bologna papers to begin painting on. I've also been taking photos. It just seems criminal to not paint the city while living here. Now that I have another body of work to fuel my brain, these little paintings can act almost like exercises, scales, arpeggios, veggies. . .

And I've found a focus for collaging. I want to make little icon collages.

I need to get researching.

I'm excited again.


alison said...

ohhh This is getting me excited for you. I love it when you talk about art and you ideas. It's always so interesting to see how you take an idea, a thought, and make it into something visual. Reminds me a lot of dancing.

Anna Peterson said...

That is so great. Man I need something like that to happen to me so badly... I'm stuck doing commissions right now. Can't wait to see what you do :)

Dom said...

Read this post the day you wrote it and i think about it aalll the time! It's so inspiring. Thank you for allowing the rest of us to learn from you

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