Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Planted sloppy kisses

Last night Mikey and I spent some time trying to remember what we did last year for Valentines. Did we have a special meal brought to us? (Remember, I was 3 days postpartum.) Did we eat chocolate? Did we even remember it was a holiday? I think we must have spent the day gazing at our newest sweetheart without realizing it was Valentine's Day at all.

This year, I have grand plans for a fancy dinner at home. We'll see if I can pull everything off.

When she woke up, Ada must have sensed some love in the air for oggi e San Valentino. This morning she went back and forth between Mikey and I giving us "loves" (resting her head and hands on our chests, shoulders, stomachs, legs . . . she basically does a stop-drop-and-love where ever she's at). But the morning was quickly overshadowed by a two-way miscommunication that resulted in both Mike and I walking to and from the school twice and missing each other both ways. (How in the world!?) True to form, I was cold and frustrated, and I cried when I got home.

Ada immediately guessed that something was up with her mama. She touched my face softly and patted my shoulders. Later she planted several sloppy kisses on my lips. I'm not sure when her understanding of emotion became so nuanced, but it was a new experience to be comforted by my child.

Tonight when my Valentine gets home, I think I'll pay it forward and plant several sloppy kisses on his lips.

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Rampaw said...

That is such a sweet story....wait a minute, oggi e San Valentino is today!?

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