Friday, March 9, 2012

Ciao dentone

Things are getting real anecdotal around here, but there is something about toddlerdom that lends itself to constant recording.

Ada isn't a shy baby. She likes engaging strangers in games and flashes smiles at whomever will reciprocate. The other day in the grocery store, we were waiting in line behind a woman in a big fur coat. Think: 8 inch long hairs (tangentially: do you have to brush fur coats with fur that long? And I must make a note so I never forget how silly the Italians are because they all wear parkas and fur coats in 50 and 60 degree weather). Ada flashed her a gappy grin and the women exclaimed about how many teeth she has. The woman started counting ("...quasi otto!") while Ada's smile got more grimace-y and forced and she realized the woman was distracted.

I could see the wheels turning in Ada's little head. While locking the woman in a stare, Ada slowly reached out, and without moving her eyes, started petting the woman's coat.  She probably got a good half-dozen strokes in.

I don't think the lady noticed. She was too busy admiring each of Ada's features and pointing to each one.  I was dying inside. What a clever girl I have: I want to pet that coat. I'll distract her with my good looks!

Perhaps my favorite part of the whole encounter was the woman's valediction: "Ciao signora, e ciao dentone!!"

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Anne said...

"We was"? You've been out of the country too long!

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