Monday, March 5, 2012

Stake Conference and Venice

We were up early to catch the train to Stake Conference. I spent time Saturday preparing for the trip north (packing breakfast, preparing lunch, packing diapers, toys, snacks . . . I'm going to be such a pro at traveling by the time we leave Italy) and it was so worth it. After an hour and a half on the train and a short taxi ride to the hotel where conference was held, I was immediately impressed by how familiar the feeling of community at Stake Conference was.

On the way to Conference. Thanks Brianna for the photo.
 The meeting was centered of Family and what we can do at home to strengthen our families. It made me want to recommit our family to holding Family Home Evening each week, even if Ada only participates for a small bit of it (she folds her arms during prayers . . . most of the time). The talks were all in Italian except for one which was given by a woman from the military ward in our stake. They provided audio translations to English speakers. Mike and I shared one, but we tried not to use it (with Ada running a muck it was hard to listen much at all). I feel like we're beginning to get the hang of this language.

The meeting made me so glad that we are part of a ward in Bologna. It made me glad that we worship together in Italian and that our family is striving to be involved as much as we can.

After many families headed to a nearby park to eat lunches and let the kids play. Ada was exhausted and crabby, but finally calmed down after spending some time playing with Dad.

From the park we walked back to the hotel and bought bus tickets to head into downtown Venice. We went with a few women from the ward and felt lucky to have some tour guides. Mostly, I felt like the day whet my palette for heading back in April with my parents!
Ada and I waited outside the train station while the rest were inside buying our return tickets.

Family picture. Doesn't Ada look thrilled to be in Venice?
In Venice, a piazza is called a campo. Photo by Julie. It was her birthday.

Off one side of Ponte di Rialto

Add off the other side.

A glimpse at the Grand Canal. We didn't take a vaporetto down it. . . this time . . .
Ada got her own seat for about 10 minutes. Then the train got real full. Despite her little concerned face, she was a super-trooper the whole day. We love our little baldy.


Anne said...

I CAN'T WAIT. One month and counting...

thepalmierifamily said...

I can't believe what cute pictures you have! That was so much fun, thanks again for talking me into it. :)

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