Tuesday, April 3, 2012

An Ada update

This girl of mine. . . she's a strong-willed little thing. When talking to a fellow expat last week, she told me that Ada must be fiery and strong because she's an Aquarius. Maybe so. But it is definitely true that not only does Ada know her mind, she "speaks" it (or at least makes her wishes known in no uncertain terms).

A few things about the Lou:

She has: 8 teeth, and a few patches of hair that are long enough ( about an inch long) to "blow" in the breeze

She can point to when asked: her eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, ears, head, belly button. She can also find my belly button, which is my favorite game to play in public.

She can climb: all of our chairs but one, onto the bed, onto the couch (that's baby stuff), into the bottom two drawers, into her stroller.

She can: run fast, go down some stairs going forward, fold her arms for prayers (which she just thinks are hilarious games where we close our eyes and she tries to open them with her pokey fingers).

She loves to: swing at the park, climb everything, pick up trash in the park, get chased, play hide-and-seek with Dad, put things in the bidet, watch me sweep, dance, read books (three times in a row preferably), "help" Dad put his shoes on (she's so helpful), eat peanut butter, wear jackets, take giraffy on walks in the Baby Bjorn.

1 comment:

Fancy Nancy said...

She's already a little mother, that Ada. How cute is she with giraffy in the Baby Bjorn?

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