Monday, May 14, 2012

The only constant

Ada wanted to make this year's Mother's Day one to remember, so she spent several hours in my bed (preventing me from totally falling asleep) and peed on my bed during her morning diaper change.

That little cutey.

As our time is truly winding down, the reality that this chapter in our lives is coming to a quick close is sinking in. Mike and I laid in bed last night talking about how weird it will be to live in Utah again. "I almost feel like I've become a new person," he said, then took it back, and then settled on his first position, "No, actually, I really do. I've become a new person here." I think I have too. It doesn't really matter where you are, your surroundings and circumstances shape you. We have becoming something a little bit different these last 9 months.

While at a friends apartment, looking out on San Luca all lit up, and sitting amongst a dozen Italian women (for a Sera di Donne! aka Girl's Night) my friend and I talked about how change is the only constant. She said that sometimes she's really grateful for that fact. I agree. Not just because life would get too boring, but because that's the point: becoming new creatures. And with becoming comes change.

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