Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Talking on the cellphone

There have been several instances in the past few weeks where I stop and realize that Ada is mimicking me (tying shoes, folding clothes, putting on mascara, mixing up dinner) but there is one thing that she is becoming scary-good at: talking on the phone.

Her conversations used to just be jabbery baby talk, but now they're peppered with laughter and even some harsh-sounding reprimands to whomever she is talking to. The variety of her phone calls astound me. Where did she learn to laugh so convincingly at an imaginary joke? Sometimes she seems put off by her callers, other times she seems to have the ability to talk to them all day long. This all coming from a baby who probably sees her own mother use the phone for real less than once a week.

I blame the Italians. They're constantly on the phone.

Talking on the Cellphone from Paige Anderson on Vimeo.

1 comment:

Fancy Nancy said...

Isn't it amazing to see how much they pick up? It tickled me to see Ada, cell phone in hand, happily jabbering away. What a cutie!

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