Friday, June 15, 2012

The cure: A banana twin pop

My Lou has had a fever for the last few days. Last night she woke up at 3:30. When I laid down with her in the bed in her room she started waving her arm like a sloppy choir conductor (her signal to me to start singing). So I sang until I didn't think I had to, then tickled her little hot back, belly and head. An hour and a half later she was still awake—still insisting on songs and tickles.

I took her to our bed. It seemed to do the trick the night before when a similar episode took place only her wakefulness only lasted for as long as "I Am a Child of God." Not today.

It took a banana twin pop and some Sesame Street to calm her down. I finally drifted off after 5:30 when Elmo, Snuffy and crew took over for a bit. I woke up around 6 when Mikey came in to say family prayers before he left for work. Ada was still glued, only a wooden popcicle stick in her hand. There was a small yellow stain on her blanket from the bit of twin pop that didn't make her mouth fast enough.

A great way to start the weekend. 1 sick baby and 1 exhausted mama. Good thing I'll get a bit of respite tonight with my boy.

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