Monday, July 16, 2012


We had a wild time rafting down the Snake River on Saturday. The adventure began before the river. Putting on my wetsuit took a team of dedicated people (aka: Mike) working tirelessly (which equals 10 minutes). It's such a strange feeling to extend your arm and not have the sleeve slip up into place to stretch with you and then boing your arm back into place.

But I was so grateful for my wetsuit. I hardly felt the cold water and I am—as dubbed by Mikey—the #1 Comfort Queen. It was important to my cheeriness to be warm and dry.

A big shout-out thank you to our friendly river guide whom I told outright I didn't trust (it didn't help that we grew up together and I knew of his antics), but who soon gained my confidence and complete reliance.

Until next time, Wyoming.
*   *   *

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