Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The feminist in me

Yesterday was one of those days where I woke up early, started my day with a run, and immediately jumped into appointments, phone calls, emails, errands, laundry . . . I went to the eye doctors (and was approved for contacts again!) I went to the bank. I played with Ada in the backyard as she walked around with a sputtering hose.

My sister had to pick up her dry cleaning, I had to drop mine off. I drove. In autopilot-mode, I almost made a bad turn. Then passing her bank where we had to stop first I drove to mine, forgetting that you only pay upon picking up your clothes. Realizing my mistake and without stopping (I would have needed the cash a few days later), I steered around and drove back to her bank. The entire outing should have taken less time than it took to get there. When I opened the door to the back seat to get Ada out I realized: I didn't bring the clothes. A wasted trip. We drove home I sent a few more emails, resigned to the fact hat I wouldn't paint that day, and went back to drop off my dry cleaning.

At home I begin reviewing our finances and my sister scratches my back. And I realize I've buzzed all around town without a bra.

I've always been a detailed to-do list maker, including things like "take a shower", but it might not be quite detailed enough any more. I think my planner has handicapped my brain.

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