Friday, September 14, 2012

A new language

I'm beginning to understand parenting park-speak. It's a way to talk indirectly to other parents by speaking through your children's hypothesized interactions.

Example 1: A muddy kid is scuffing around under the play ground. When the baby gets up, the dad, slightly embarassed by their dirty child to the sight of your clean (for once in her life) one, introduces his son to your daughter and says, "Say, 'Hi, my name is Max! I'm not usually this dirty.'"
I used the tactic yesterday when I sprayed bugspray on Ada's head, causing her hair to look much more like greasy spaghetti than fluffy-fine baby hair. "Say "Hi! I'm Ada. My hair usually isn't this greasy. My mom put bug spray in it cause the bugs like me." To which she responded, "Yesth! Yesth!" paired with several exaggerated nods. (Have I mentioned her new lisp?)

She's such a good sport.

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