Friday, November 23, 2012

I want to be a Swede

November also played host to DC's Kids Euro Festival. Delegations from each of the 27 European Union Member States hosted free plays, musical performances, workshops, screenings and other events for kids in the area. There were only two that specified ages 1-3 as a good fit for their event, so we were sure to make the most of the few performances we went to.

The first was at House of Sweden, the building that houses the Swedish embassy. It's a beautiful, modern, clean, Scandinavian structure right on the Potomac that made me want to march up and apply for Swedish Citizenship right then and there. The performance and activities they provided for the kids was equally as impressive and cool. Several Swedish families were there (and Ada was mistaken for a Swede—she has enough of it in her ancestry, maybe 'mistaken' is the wrong word).

The performance was really simple but I was amazed at how entranced even the busiest of bodies became when it began. Ada and I had front row seats and it helped to be right up in the action.

I think the performance served as a lesson in sharing to the kids and a lesson in the simplicity of play for the adults. I know it helped me realize how focused simplicity trumps many other kids of play. I came away happy to live in a place so rich with opportunity and creativity. I love that I can share in these experiences with my daughter and help cultivate a spirit of adventure and learning and creativity as we take on new things together.

The second performance was at the Kennedy Center on the Millenium Stage. It was an evening performance so we got to bring Dad along with us. This performance was by a troupe from Bologna, which made us extra excited to check it out. A link of the performance can be found HERE.

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