Sunday, September 16, 2007


Isn't it funny how things never seem to fall in sync? It feels, at times, like everyone is living their lives apart, yet simultaneously. A conundrum of sorts is plaguing human exsistance. We've been defeated and now we can't for the life of us slow down or speed up to match the speed of another person. Timing. Bad timing.

Have you ever let something pass you by and then wish you could rewind and take advantage of it? Jump on the chance? Relish in the moment? Time is such a fickle thing.

It slips, it runs.

And for some reason, I can't slip and run with it. I always just feel like I'm alone, looking down the long tunnel of missed opportunity. It's not a happy tunnel. It's ironic really. I feel like I'm such a person of order. I plan, I calculate and manage my time in a way that I can fit everything in. I have to. Some people call it compuslive behavior. I call it a vital lifeline. But with all the forethought, arrangement, and planning, somehow time gets in my way, or out of my way...I can't decide how to view it. The pictures for once aren't clear.

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