Monday, November 26, 2007


I saw a girl running today and my heart hurt for her out of embarrassment. She was wearing printed black and gray tights and a black cotton dress. Apparently she had somewhere to go because she was bookin' it out of Heritage, towards campus. When I first noticed her I looked at her face and smiled, then I glanced down and saw that because of her vigorous run, her skirt was so bunched up in the front, a few more inches and I would have been getting a little undies show. The worst part was that she showed no sign of self-awareness and just kept trucking it to class. Meanwhile hordes of freshman where making their way back home from class and this poor girl was like a salmon spawning up river, half naked. I hope that she learns in the future to be aware of unfamiliar breezes and learns that cotton on cotton means wear a slip.

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