Sunday, November 18, 2007


Last Sunday our oven went haywire. I was sitting in my room reading when I heard a familiar beeping, but it seemed so strange to be hearing this noise when it was unaccompanied by sweet, warm smells. I let it beep for a few minutes, lazily wanting someone else to turn off the oven because I didn't put anything in there. No one stirred. Bleh.

I got up, walked in there and saw something slightly out of place but didn't think much of it. F7 appeared where the temperature should be. Okay. No biggie. I pushed Clear/Off three times and went back to my room. Minutes later "Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep..." What? I thought I pushed clear? So I walked back in there, pushed Clear/Off again, and mosied back to read my book. Again. "Beeep! Beep! Beep! Beep!" Oh my. I was beginning to think our oven had am omen. Yes, an Oven Omen was stalking me and I was fed-up. After silencing the oven for a third time, I went into Roommates room and asked her if she knew anything about the oven. "Oh it's the oven? I thought it was someone snoozing their alarm! No that's annoying." While we were speaking The Omen returned and the incessant beeping started up once again. I wanted to die. I went in there with Roommate this time, and together we pushed all the buttons we could to try and make the dang thing shut up for good. We thought we did a pretty good job as it didn't start beeping right away and we talked in the kitchen for a bit.

My heart almost stopped when I heard the sound I had come to loath so fiercely start up again. "AH! What is your problem?!" I was shouting and an inanimate object. Yes, The Omen causes temporary insanity.

We decided to just stay in the kitchen, watch some Pride and Prejudice, and babysit The Omen. Well getting up every few minutes really is annoying, so Roommate and I fashioned a tool that enabled us to sit out the couch and reach across the kitchen to quiet the beeping. Our tool consisted of a broom, half a mop handle, two wooden spoons, a spatula and a plastic spoon, and loads of duct tape. Unfortunately it really didn't work all that well, but we got a kick out of playing with it.

Well, the oven still beeps and the maintainance guys are clueless. So until we move out and someone else is stalked by The Oven Omen, we keep the breaker off. It works for now.

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