Sunday, December 23, 2007


I heard a story recently and at one point it referenced "all the bells in Switzerland ringing together..." and it shot me into a succession of memories from Germany. I would wake up every morning to the porcelain church bells accompanied by the bells from the cathedral around the corner ringing loud and clear. There is not a better alarm. I loved it.

Sunday morning was euphoric when at fifteen minutes before the service was to begin, the bells in the entire city started to ring. Probably the entire country had bells ringing, calling the faithful to worship. (The ironic part is that a majority of the population has no interest in God or any other sort of divine being). The mixture of dark resonance and the tinkling sounds of the high ringing tones provided the prelude as the bells rang incessantly for a quarter of an hour.

I wish I was there now so I could hear the bells on Christmas day. They are one thing that I miss often. Luckily, I get a taste of Meissen when the bell tower rings out over campus.

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