Monday, January 28, 2008


Sunday 1.27
neophyte [nee-uh-fyt] noun:
1. A new convert or proselyte.
2. A novice; a beginner in anything.
A Nephite?!
Monday 1.28
ambergris [am-ber-grees, -gris] noun :
an opaque, ash-colored secretion of the sperm whale intestine, usually found floating on the ocean or cast ashore: used in perfumery.
"Hey mom! I learned something new in biology today. Sperm whales vomit. And it's expensive!"
Tuesday 1.29
indelible [in-del-uh-buhl] adjective:
1. That cannot be removed, erased, or washed away.
2. Making marks that cannot easily be removed or erased.
3. Incapable of being forgotten; memorable.
His voice was part of his image, as indelible as the handkerchief in his breast pocket.
Wednesday 1.30
obdurate [ob-duh-rit; -dyuh] adjective:
1. Hardened in wrongdoing; stubbornly wicked. Hardened in feelings; hard-hearted.
2. Resistant to persuasion; unyielding.
3. Hard; harsh; rugged; rough.
Let not your conscience be obdurate.
Thursday 1.31
tchotchke [choch-kuh] noun:
A trinket; a knickknack.
This word doesn't even look English . . .
Friday 2.1
fulsome [ful-sum] adjective:
1. Offensive to the taste or sensibilities.
Insincere or excessively lavish; especially, offensive from excess of praise.
This word is a perfect adjective for a certain someone. I hope they don't read this. And if they do, I hope they don't realize it's them.
Saturday 2.2
propinquity [pruh-ping-kwih-tee] noun:
1. Nearness in place; proximity.
2. Nearness in time.
3. Nearness of relation; kinship.
Up close and personal.

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Michelle said...

Did you ever think that that sperm whale secretion might not be vomit... what if it came out the other end?

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