Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Have you ever Googled yourself? I felt really conceited, but I found out a few interesting tid-bits. The first is that I am on ReverbNation. This struck me as odd seeing as I never made an account, but I have a few suspects. First and foremost? Dan. He wants me to go online for some reason. He puts his own stuff up on Purevolume and once upon a time made a membership for me. Then he said, "Alright! It's up to you to write, record and publish!" Yeah. Right. I never did a thing. The thing is, I have never had an interest in recording or "making it big" nor do I think I have the capacity to do so. I recorded for my mom who paid for the whole thing and don't plan on recording ever again. It was fun. Once.

I also found a girl's Myspace page who vented to her friend about me a few years ago about some art project. Apparently I made a secret deal with the teacher??? I have no recollection of what she was talking about. There is also a boy in Berlin who has me listed as his favorite music. Who knew?

There are race stats which say I never finished the race. Well, I did. Just for the record. My litle shoe thingy must have been defective.

There is a HOSA competition thing.

A whole slew of art stuff ranging from Gallery OneTen to the Congressional Art Competition.

Hope Squad newspaper article from the Deseret News and a page from the Utah Valley Magazine.

Where did it come from? Weird.

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