Monday, February 25, 2008


A few tidbits about today:
  • While walking to school I decided that this is the hardest time of winter. The time when you are tired of the snow because it no longer is pretty and fresh. Rather, it looks more like soot and muck that dirties your view and makes everything dismal. I'm tired of everything looking like "soot and poo." However, on the way home, I saw green beneath my feet and thought I would die of delight. Just think, only a few more weeks of this and things can become alive again. I can't wait for the creeping and blooming things to start sprouting!
  • Today in biology someone asked about what we can do to decrease our carbon dioxide output and help counter global warming. Our professor's answer: hold your breath. Practical. We should all try. Maybe even make a holiday of it.
  • I organized the few books I keep on my self by color today. No, I wasn't bored. I did it for a few reasons. I was inspired, and I thought maybe rainbow books would act as a small offering to the Spring Gods who might hasten their answer to my visual clarion call. Roommate told me I'm just weird and OCD. That's okay. I can live with that. At least I'm tidy. By the way, I finished this a few weekends ago and highly recommend it. It's an easy, fun, casual read, but very interesting. It also made me feel like I actually have a worthwhile major. Imagine that.
  • I decided (while sitting in the kitchen reading while the sun was warming my back and lighting the table) that when I grow up, I need a living room with a big, west facing window. So big, that I can lay in the supine position on the ground and be completely flooded with sunshine and light to spare.
  • I was helping N with her dishes and pulling them out of a clogged sink full to the brim with chocolaty brown/Mexican food water (nasty) when this creature emerged. Of all the dishes I have ever done, I have never seen something so horrendous or hairy come out of a kitchen sink. (Living with 6 girls, the bathroom sink is another story). It was so unexpected and alive looking I screamed for a solid minute, attracted a small crowd from two apartments, and disposed of it with an emphatic shake to the trash can. I am lucky to be alive and recording this. I really think Wookies were mating in the sink and bred a miniature-offspring-fetus-monster.
  • My life is like this movie, minus the sappy romance part. It's just that those sort of chancy things just seem to happen to me. Often.
  • I found that someone replaced the toilet paper roll again and it wasn't me! However, they are a repeat offender of the "over rather than under" rule. This may be one of my biggest pet peeves. If you're to do something, do it completely. And if it is replacing the toilet paper roll, do it the right way. Completely.
  • My baby brother turned 13 today. (tear). Happy Birthday Nil! (If only Day's Market really knew your name. . .) We went to dinner and I thought his nachos were going to eat him. He ate so meticulously that by the end his small dent in one side looked like the Cave of Wonders.

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you've written another lovely, witty post for your lovely, witty blog and now i've tagged you and you are so IT!

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