Sunday, February 24, 2008


I tackled a few things this weekend that have been looming over my head for weeks. ("The monkey on your back is the latest trend") It feels good to be rid of a few things that have been on my to-do list for weeks. The unchecked boxes haunt me. I hate those empty boxes, they're so vile and unholy.

I spent a few hours on a commission for a play writer who needs some visuals for a national conference next week. Sent off the proofs and am waiting for a reply before nailing down the finals.

I almost finished painting yet another box for a woman who commissions one every time she has a new addition to her family. Let's hope she keeps having grandchildren so I keep getting extra cash.

I tackled getting my hair cut which has been something I've needed to do for weeks now. (Roommate surprised me with this shot. Thanks for that one M.)

I did my visiting teaching and it is NOT the 29th of February.

I made up time figure drawing and spent probably 4 hours this weekend sketching. I really do love to sketch, but for some reason if it's forced sketching, it becomes more of a chore than anything else. However, I have a midterm next week and need something to show for it. So it was imperative that I got on the ball.

I finished my photography final project and now all that's left is the written exam on Tuesday. Then I switch out that block class for jogging and a culture class to prepare for London in the Spring. Can't. Wait.

I tackled (most unsuccessfully) talking to my mother about things that have been concerning me about my sister's well being. I failed horribly, was called an ungrateful child and now it's awkward between the two of us. But I made a promise that I would try, and I held to that. What else can I do? Maybe they make these for mother/daughter relationships. It's been fun for the apartment and would make things a whole lot less confrontational in the future.

I tackled getting Roommates duvet into it's duvet cover after two and a half tries. I suggested doing it my way first, but Roommate thought it silly to turn the entire thing inside out just to put the duvet in. Little did she know how easy and painless it really is. The attempts were funny however and I'm glad that we could laugh a little tonight.

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