Friday, March 7, 2008


Heard this before?
Let's leave work early, flee from the city
Run to the suburbs and pack our bags
Let's fly to an island with no newspapers
We'll bring our swimsuits and swim all day
I think I forgot the suntan lotion
I think I forgot the film for the camera
But it's okay there's a store down the street
Where i can buy almost anything that I'll ever need
[The Robot Ate Me On Vacation (Part 2)]
I can't stop singing it. It just fits so well with my morning (at least the first half of it anyway).

After a six and half hour flight we touched down in Oahu this afternoon and were greeted by warm humid air that seemed to hug us as we got off the plane. It's like the difference between whole and skim milk, only breathing thick air doesn't clog your arteries. It just feels rich.

I love flying with Little Sister because she gets so excited about the entire ordeal. The whole experience is still fairly new to her and she relishes in everything from turbulence to on-flight party peanuts. It really makes flying a joy. I'm usually such an airplane sleeper that I can't stay awake on planes. I've been told this is abnormal. I wouldn't really know because I sleep through every flight I go on. This time was different. After situating ourselves and listening to a few tunes with the Sis the movie came on and it was actually one that I cared to watch. I really liked it. In fact, I cried. Big surprise? After I sketched for a few hours, ate a bit of lunch, and then read some of this. I'm finally finding time to sit down and read it. My goal is to finish it before I get back and reality starts to flood the shores of my life again. Problem is, I have a mound of homework to tackle between now and the 15th. (Maybe the reality tide never really receded?) Dental Cousin is on spring break (lucky Weber State son of a gun . . .) and the two high schoolers shrug and say "big deal." So I'm the poopy one writing a critical analysis while watching chick flicks. But honestly, I'd rather study on a beach than in the library any day. And I've already seen this movie.

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Michelle said...

Wish I was with you... :(

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