Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Does the "Shuffle" function on ipods really shuffle? It seemed pretty all-knowing this afternoon as I sat at my desk and worked on yet another graphic design project. It felt like it went straight down the line and picked every song that would sting a little and played it. However, I really like a lot of those songs and the set was pretty much amazing. Here are the highlights. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. It made me realize that my pod is packed with quality tunes. Seriously.

There was a casualty this morning. Carnage in my bedroom, if you will . . .

Last Wednesday on a particularly bad day of spending close to 15 hours on campus, I slid off my bed after having a minor breakdown only to have my foot land on top of my straightener. It hasn't been the same since. It sits a little to the side and it now takes two hands to clamp it down. Truth be told it actually hasn't been the same since Germany. I blew the fuse in the youth hostel and two other times at my host family's house and it burnt out something inside so now the control over the temperature is basically nil. It makes things exciting I guess. Straightening my hair becomes a race against the impending heat so that I don't end up with half of my hair lying there singed on the floor. Today I received a text telling me that my dear pink and brown straightener finally kicked the bucket. Roommate tried to use it and, well, let's just say that it is only held together by a cord now. All plastic shards and reminiscing aside, I'm a little relieved that it's gone. It's a sign that I really do need a new one.

I read a ridiculous post today by a gay man who accuses the church of teaching hatred and intolerance. He posted about this recent news story that shocked and saddened me along with thousands of others. He wrote:
We all live, I think, in a world where we live as if the world is better than it really is. That the jokes and prejudice and underlying hatred is okay. I have two sons who love their dad, but they still go to a church that teaches them that I am not worthy of their love and that I won't be in heaven with them. I have a mother who would rather spend time at that church than with me or my sister, who happens to be dating a woman right now. All she has for us is recommendations to pray and read the scripture. There are no questions from them about what we feel or how we think or what it does to us to see them spend their life and time on an organization that teaches misunderstanding and hatred.
It made me so sad for him to read his words and see how terribly he misunderstands the church he once loved and understood. He spends so much time victimizing himself and accusing others of misunderstanding and mistreatment that he forgets that he too, is missing major truths. I commented on his post, reminding him that the church is founded on Christ who teaches nothing but tolerance and love. To accuse the Church of propagating hatred towards others blasphemes the name of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He shot back an unfounded rebuttal. His focus is solely on people who don't adhere to the teachings of the gospel. People are fallible and incredibly human. But the Church, a living organization that embraces change sparked by revelation, is not. It is divine and perfect in its doctrine; whole and complete for the times in which it stands. Members who aren't perfect don't detract from the institution's truth and relevancy, only their own living testimony.

I have always believed that everyone could be more tolerant and loving of those who we view as different. I've grown up with those I love who embrace alternative lifestyles and although it saddens me to watch them stray and struggle, it only makes me love them more ardently and want to share my light and love with them more earnestly. Without a loving place to return to who would want to return? Perfect love casteth out fear. Charity never faileth. I love because I have hope that all things will be perfected in Christ.


Jen said...

Call me a liberal ( I know, right?), but as someone who believes unfailingly in the gospel, I have a really hard time with the church's stance on gay lifestyles and gay marriage. Perhaps my mind wants a charmed existence, but while I know that a gay lifestyle might not be a part of the eternal plan, I feel that discriminating against those that are homosexual is wrong and against the Lord's will. I do believe that they are born with those tendencies and leanings and the Lord loves all of His children, which is why my kids will be brought up to be loving, tolerant, and completely understanding and accepting of other lifestyles.

I'm at odds, for, as I said, I have an inkling that gay marriage will not exist in the next life, but at the same point, I think to continue denying it in this life is wrong. I'm not arguing spiritual principles, I'm arguing equality. I think my same tendencies towards feminism are the same that push me towards being in favor of gay marriage (oh goodness, what will my mother do).

I think your response was completely appropriate, because I can see his frustrations, but at the same point, they are at the hand of people that (sadly) are imperfect. But at the same point, I do not envy the gay population of our church. It has to be extremely trying to not be accepted for who you are.

p.s. you are simply lovely, by the way.

Millas said...

All I have to say is, who ever wrote that story needs to stop trying to put blame on one church for his isolation from everybody. The door swings both ways.

How does he know that his boys do not love him? Has he shared why he might think that they don't love him. I am sure that they love him, but they will not support him in what he is doing. Nothing to do with the church, but a past that still effects them.

I am not anti-gay but I am not pro gay. I love people that have that problem, but I have seen to many so called gay marriages that have failed.

My friend and I recently spent some time with a few gay couples (his firt time around that many gay people at once) and all he could tell me was, wow they are all looking for some way to be happy. I may sound like a sheltered mormon boy, but I am far from it. I've seen my fair share of things that I wish I had not seen, but I will not support gay marriage today, tomorrow or in the near future.

I could go on and on, but flat out the guy who wrote that is trying so hard to put the blame on something or someone to make himself feel better.

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