Friday, March 28, 2008


Roommate and I have had the hardest time motivating ourselves to go running this week. I don't know why this particular week has been so terrible, but a few days ago I exaggeratedly exclaimed, "Want to know how bad I want to go running tonight? About as much as I would like to SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE AS A QUADRIPLEGIC!!" We went running anyway. And I repented.

We arrived at the track last night, not feeling up to fighting the "cold" (three weeks ago 45 degrees would have been a blessing. Now that we've had a day over 67, I can't go back to thinking 45 is anything but frigid). We laced up, warmed up, stretched up, and started running. These guys aided my run, supplementing my ears which is almost as necessary as supplementing my lungs. (Speaking of ears, stumbled across this. Love it. I need to just buckle down and buy the album. Problem is, which one?) At about mile 1.7 my foot started throbbing, my ankle started wobbling, and bizarrely enough, the back of my mouth started going numb. By the end of mile 2, my tongue was swelling. It felt like I was having an allergic reaction. Odd. Hadn't eaten since around 7:30.

We ended our run after only 2 miles, seeing as my airflow was being restricted by some unknown parasite, and drove to my house for some Benadryl. I realized once again last night just how much I love my family's "medicine cabinet" (aka: the drawer at the end of the hall, but who really knows what's in there, we don't use medicine). Eventually we found some Benadryl Allergy Relief (dye-free!). I didn't take it. But luckily Dr. Pseudo-Mom hooked me up with some trendy looking Benadryl in pink and white capsules. Side effects: DROWSINESS. For the record. I went to be after 2.

After watching episode 25, we couldn't stop and Roommate and I popped one after the other until finally during the season finale we were both crying our eyes out. After, we collapsed in an emotional, exhausted heap and took a breather before trudging down the hall to brush our teeth and hit the sack. Apparently Gray's fights drowsiness. Who knew?

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