Thursday, March 27, 2008


I was the last to get hooked. Upon seeing me on the couch attentively absorbed in an episode, the apartment was met with much merriment and The Mates clasped their hands with joy. Saturday night I got home from a date, expecting to chat with the girls and instead found the apartment quiet. Everyone was on a different episode from a different season. Guns and Mish were in their solitary room, shrouded in darkness with only the faint glow of their computer screens eerily lighting up their silent faces and ears stopped with white head phones. And that night I fell into the obsession and now I have to get my daily fix. Terrible. Why am I up at this hour?

Well I'll tell you why. Because George just kissed Cali and he still won't forgive Meredeth who recently took up knitting to keep her occupied since her vow of celibacy. But the plot thickens. She also just discovered that she has a long lost sister and almost had a confrontation with her dad who was just informed by the Chief that his ex-wife has early onset Alzheimer's. To add to the emotional manipulation, Alex's patient just told her daughter that she won't be around for much longer and the two had an emotional time talking about nice things like getting yeast infections from pantyhose. Izzy knit Denny a sweater instead of giving him "sexual favors" which would not only be immoral, but incredibly unethical seeing as he is her patient. SEE?

My problem is I'm incredibly impatient. Even the momentary darkening of the screen as the show pauses for a commercial-free commercial break (thank you DVDs) I get antsy, anxious. HOW CAN THEY JUST LEAVE ME THERE WHILE SEATTLE'S SPELLING BEE CHAMPION IS UNDER THE KNIFE FOR A BRAIN TUMOR AND HE JUST LOST HIS SPEECH? So I ask Roommate all my questions and for some reason she knows everything and after a bit of inner turmoil about really wanting to know if George and Cali ever tie the knot, or if Meredeth ever snags McDreamy, she tells me. And then I sit and itch for another episode. It's horrible. Truly horrible.

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caitlin paige mclain said...

oh bless you!!! you should know that we share a passion for grey's anatomy... and mcdreamy. i'm just sick of waiting for a new episode!

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