Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I really should stop procrastinating my research paper. But it's so hard when there are big announcements like this made, or cool charity events like this to contemplate going to (I am aching for a concert. I need to hit up a concert, even a local one. Soon), or interesting (not too surprising) articles like this to read, or cozying up to the tube with my bowl of asparagus and zucinni and indulging in the latest television craze. Or time could always be spent thinking about him and our incredible life together. . .

I guess I'm subconsciously craving a box of Samoas cause I bought some in my dream last night. But I'm beginning to think that wasn't a legit Girl Scout because the cookies were just clumps of dirt. And she had a beard and stole my wallet.

Also, I don't even know what spurred the comment, "
My tear-away pants got snagged on my Union Jack thong and basically the funeral went downhill from there" but I couldn't help but doubling over. It was almost as good as hearing Danger admit to loving "belly-dancers and llamas" while anticipating Saturday's festivities!

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