Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Monday was St. Pattie's. Hip hip hooray. I love wearing green + being festive + seeing others doing the same + sharing St. Pattie's candies + my green tongue after eating some. Older&WiserToo messaged me while I was in the library studying for my test asking what I was up to. I told her I was studying like a banshie and turning my tongue green with Frooties. She wanted some but was busy so I told her I'd fashion a treasure hunt with call numbers and she could find her Frooties later. I picked all green books, hid the clues, and texted her the call number. The hunt was a success! And it was my favorite part of the day's festivities.

Today I saw signs of spring. I got in my car today and it was warm. Wearing sandals. Studious students littering campus out in the sun. Smiles. Thermostat reading 61 degrees! A Daffodil.

We had a cleaning check yesterday so the apartment is spotless. It is my favorite time of the month. It forces everyone to pitch in and the lucky winner even gets to tackle cleaning out the cesstub. The best part about cleaning check is the list of tasks with "Hot Tips!" My favorite? The Hot Tip! which clearly states: "Tidying up your room (making the bed, picking up the floor, etc.) will help it look cleaner." Ya think? I think I am prepared to be a homemaker now, with Hot Tips! like that up my sleeve.

Have a few minutes to spare on campus? Go to the HFAC. It is currently filled with moving and beautiful art. And not just art that is pretty to look at and hang on a wall, but art that inspires, art that demands, art that humbles, art that begs a closer look. One exhibit especially held my attention. Maybe it's because I recently finished a book that spoke out alot about educating young girls in underprivileged countries, or maybe I was just really thirsty, but I went back again today to read and ponder and feel blessed by all I have. I have water. Clean, hot or cold, running or still, to drink or to bathe in, even to have water fights with or shave my legs with. I have oodles of water and some to spare (which I try to do. Conservation. Conservation. Conservation). I took a cup to help remind me of what I learned there. I carried an empty paper cup with me all day on campus. Felt a little strange.

I had a first today. There have been a long list of firsts this year, but today's really sucked. Like seriously sucked. I have never failed a test before ESPECIALLY a test that I studied around 10 hours for. I love the magic of the Testing Center. It feels like Hogwarts every time; prefects marching up and down the rows, checking for mischievous wizards (the guy next to me was eating string cheese. Mischievous?) But upon returning my test and walking dutifully down the stairs I saw the offensive screen that broadcasted my miserable grade. Boo. I promptly walked out the door, stole Cloak Boy's cloak and Hermione's wand, cast a hex on the Grant Building, and conjured up a treat to ease the pain of my suffering GPA.

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