Thursday, March 13, 2008


I was going to get up to run again today. It's so hard when 'ma comes in to get us up and I'm the only one who even moves. The others are too deep in their half-comatose state, all that surfaces is a guttural moan when they hear the door open. At least I sit up and put sentences together haphazardly. I got my run in tonight, however, and jumped in the pool right after a quick change. Re. Fresh. Ing.

Doing baptisms was neat today, although doing them anywhere besides my temple makes me appreciate the well-oiled machine that the some 4,000 workers are able to coordinate in Provo. Everything just moves so seamlessly.

The imax movie was decidedly too long. I thought it was going to end at least a half dozen times before the lights finally came on and released us from the temporary prison the theater had created. I never thought my goosebumps would go away, but they did after spending the afternoon on the beach.

The waves were massive on the North Shore today. I've never seen such huge crashing masses of water just pound the shores so relentlessly. Although my day playing in the waves was impeded by the oceans sudden upheaval, it was a show worth sitting and watching for an hour.

Grandma had a few golden lines today. The first, "Traveling really opens my eyes to a variety of body types and makes me realize I should be content with what I've got." (I think she said that a little too loudly as the woman who spurred the comment shot a look over her left shoulder and emblazoned the dark mark with her eyes onto the tablecloth). Later Neat Petite was looking for her flip flops and Grandma asked "What are you looking for honey?" "My flip flops . . ." Then speaking to me Grandma said, "What? She doesn't play the flute!"

An observation about the effects of humidity: it makes toilet paper stretch, not tear.

We spent time stretching after an evening of exercise and watching our favorites. Here are just a few. She is incredible. And what I want to know is who produces this? Is it even real? And blessings upon whoever's head decided to couple large rubber bands and marshmallows with Asians.

1 comment:

caro said...

what an obversation concerning the toilet paper. you always put a smile upon my face.
and i LOVE imogen heap.

miss you dearly.

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