Friday, March 14, 2008


Mauna Loa - Taste of the Tropics. Dark Chocolate Macadamias. Get away from me. I've eaten too many of you and my intestines are choking. Thank you kindly. My taste buds are singing.

I almost died today. I know I have posted about near death experiences a few times before, but seriously, today I was going down the list of things I have always wanted to do, before I bid the earth goodbye, and shed a tear for each item left unaccomplished. Luckily, the worrying was in vain. We arrived safely and 'pa successfully delivered us at Pearl Harbor.

It was interesting to walk the grounds and view the sights and think about how the tourists from Japan were taking what was said and represented. It reminded me of talking to her about her feelings while visiting Auschwitz. We had a discussion about it all over dinner and I enjoyed getting the Grand's perspective of it all. I ate way too much. After it looked like I was 5 months along with a healthy baby "Melissa Rose."

The International Market might as well be named The International Assemblage of Jewelry Vendors. The little stands were practically identical and nothing really interested me, but Dental Cousin and Neat Petite were checking item after item off their list of must-have souvenirs, so it was worth the trip. Lil' Sister almost got conned into buying a really lame magic trick and we laughed our mouths dry at how close she came. Squirmels are not cool. Stay away from them. Although, the pineapple sunglasses in the same shop were fairly fantastic and the store was full of "incredible finds" (none of which are worth spending a dime on).

Now we're packing (or should be packing) and I'm trying to get everyone to STOP. Can't we just prolong the feeling of vacationing? Arts and crafts anyone?

This just in: 'ma bites babies.

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Michelle said...

Crazy grandma and her sharp incisors... I love that story.

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