Saturday, March 1, 2008


A few funny things were said between Roommate and I as of late. Here are few:

(Roommate): The ratio of Macs to PCs goes up in honors students. Obviously we're smarter.
(Me): . . . all the "alternative brand" computers in this room are Dells. Interesting yes?
(R): That is interesting. That must say something about their smartness level. . . everyone who has a Dell is of "average" intelligence, scored a 25-26 on the ACT and has a pet named spot.

(R): So what do you think about the whole thing now?
(M): Actually, I had a thought this afternoon. It went, I'll bury him at the bottom of a lake and skip rocks over his head. Not in a malicious way though, just in an 'I'll skip right over you' way.
(R): The bottom of a lake implies that you tied him up in chains and killed him.

(R): (GASP!) YES! My phone knows the word exegetical!
(M): (stunned silence cut short by bursts of laughter)

Also, this, is the best turning-from-winter-to-spring song ever. I think I might listen to it two or three or four thousand more times before the first day this.

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Little Light said...

So basically, we are pretty much the two funniest people I know... we should have our own show.

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