Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Today was Earth Day. I hope we all did something to reduce our carbon footprint or take action against global warming. Me? Well I made biodegradable cards with wildflower seeds in it so that once you're done with your card, you can plant it. Nifty eh?

OlderAndWiserToo and I started the project by building a small frame (aka: "deckle" according the paper making cyber gurus) which turned out to be more of a process than we had anticipated. But a power saw, some wood, a hammer, six nails, a old window screen, a power drill, and a staple gun later, we had ourselves a fine looking mold to make our paper with. We got some seeds but were uninformed about the fact that if you buy a large bag of wildflower seeds, there are fertilizer rocks and other non-seed things in there. So then we set to sorting seeds before making the pulp.

We googled some instructions on how to make paper and compared instructions from several sites before coming up with a method. Eventually we were pumping out sheet after sheet of light blue, seedy paper, good for planting.

Updates to follow.

Happy Earth Day. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.


Sarah Ray said...

I'm glad the paper worked out... You will have to plant some for me, and we will see what happens. Lots of love!

Hosander said...

Paige, it's Toni from E7. I haven't been blog stalking you for long but I just saw an infomercial about paper that you can roll out and put water on and it has over 1000 seeds that will bloom, block weeds and retain water. you're a genius

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