Monday, May 26, 2008


I didn't get enough the first time so we went back. As soon as we were walking up the stone steps and strolling along the Thames I was already planning my thrid venture to the market.

I want to live in Boroughs.

Grilled cheese. Again. I really just can't get enough, but if you had one with fresh cheese, you wouldn't either. After all, Cheese On Cheese Tastes Oh, Oh, Oh!

Cheese me.

I was obsessed with the variety of hummuses, spreads, and dips. Inspired. I'm going to have to do a bit of recipe research and experimentation when I get home. I'm so excited. I decided the passion of the summer is definitely going to be food. Fresh, delicious, healthy, new, inspired food. I've already started looking up and comparing recipes, trying to find ones that are like the delicacies I was walking by. Walking, in this case is a relative term. Bank Holiday on Monday made for an extremely crowded market. Bodies were packed next to each other and if you were lucky you could hop into the current of people moving in the same direction as you. Otherwise it was like spawning up river.

Apple juice that tasted like apples. How novel.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, herbs and juices . . . Everything was just so yummy. Organic. It felt clean in my mouth. I think I'm going to start an herb garden when I get home. Oh, and learn to make fresh pasta. I have a lot of ideas for things to do with feta cheese, corn, spinach and bell peppers.

Did I mention how much I love asparagus?

I can't wait to go back.

Further down the river we showed up here for their big USB Long Weekend. My favorite part? Playing "Adaptive Ping Pong" where the table had holes cut out of the middle and we used everything from magazines to muffin tins for paddles. I'm thinking I'm going to have to introduce this new found activity to my family in Provo. FHE anyone?

ps thanks capture(d) for some shots.


Michelle said...

Wow! I'm excited too! I hope you include me in your new fettish for interesting and healthy delicacies.

kylie said...

mmmhmmmm the delicious greece drippling cheese infested sandwich mmmmmmmm!

i realllly like you.

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