Thursday, May 29, 2008


Excuse me. I'm doing an art project on women in London and as part of that, I'm collecting 100 strands of hair from 100 different women. Would you mind giving me a hair?

I did indeed ask 100 women this question for the last 5 days and my only regret is not video taping the reactions. The most common were somewhere along the lines of, "What? Seriously?" "Sure which one do you want?" and "Say that again. I don't speak English." Mostly my question was met with laughter, a brief conversation about where they are from. Surprisingly only a small handful actually came from somewhere in the UK. I met women from Bulgaria, Sicily, Italy, Germany, France, Poland, Estonia, Sweden, Norway, China, Iran and other countries. Only one woman told me "No" and two others had me pull the hair out for them. That was awkward.

I put the hairs in a little jar given to me as part of a collaborative project we're doing in 394. More on that to follow next week.

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