Thursday, May 29, 2008


Why I love my bunkmate:
- she brought an odd number of socks anticipating losing one in the laundry
- she doesn't actually have the plague
- she has her novels memorized and basically recited them to be verbatim while walking in Kensington Gardens
- she stays up late on her computer like me
- she leaves her music playing all. the. time.
- she doesn't get mad at me when I leave my backpack in front of her drawer
- she winks back

p.s. while writing this post one of my mates said, "does it smell like BO in here to any of you?" and then I sheepishly confessed that I too had just smelled something peculiar and, not knowing what the origin was, checked myself. (For the record it wasn't me) and then two other girls in the room confessed to smelling themselves too. Oh the joys of communal living. After a few minutes it was determined that the smell was coming from the kitchen. What is for dinner?

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