Wednesday, May 21, 2008


It was such a strange feeling coming back from Edinburgh and feeling so at home when we finally reached the familiar Underground. Something so un-homey has never felt so completely homey. I have realized that this place really is becoming a part of me and I love that. I need to come back and live for a few years, have more time to soak in the city and let it get into my pores.

I took a walk to Holland Park Tuesday afternoon and walked down some of the most charming streets in Kensington. I wouldn't mind living in any of them. I'd call them home in a second. Anyone have few million pounds to spare?

Holland Park Ave.

I thought about my dad a lot and how much he would love roaming the streets I was walking. They were just so beautiful. The kind of beauty that makes you have to stop and lift your heart in gratitude. The kind of beauty that keeps your camera in your bag because anything would be an injustice. It's that kind of beauty that feeds me spirit and keeps me alive. I soak in the nourishment through my eyes and feed my entire being.

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