Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Day two in Edinburgh we decided to kick it in New Town and hit up a gallery or two. The day was much less engaging than the previous one, but it was hard to expect anything to hold a candle to the grand time we had the day before. The day commenced with a jaunt to the castle to watch the men in kilts play their pipes and hit their drums. It was entertaining. Cold.
I sat on the ground to get a front row view, not to look up kilts.

On our way there the day prior we spied a joke shop. The name alone got us chuckling. Aha Ha Ha. He bought a mustache. I bought a poo. Both got quality reactions numerous times. (The poo has continued to float around the center for days. Sorry for using the word "float" I didn't think about it until after and now I think it's really funny).

We trekked to an exhibit that I really enjoyed. It made me think about my conceptual project a bit and got the wheels in my head turning about how I can work out my idea on paper.

Looking down a close at New Town.

Finding something to eat was an ordeal. After bouncing to a few options, getting kicked out of here and a wee headache we settled on some basics from the grocery store. I have never been more satisfied with lunch. Yum.

We visited the National Gallery after filling our bellies. The gallery is a lot smaller than the others that I have visited while in the UK, but it still had a few gems. I did some sketching and more drinking with my eyes before we decided to take a 45 minute walk to the outskirts of humanity and see what the modern gallery had to offer. Love, love, loved it. This was cool. This was moving. This blew my mind. The trip was well worth it. We left with our eyes and brains filled.

Edinburgh is pointy.

We walked to the other side the city to make a pilgrimage to the Disgrace of Edinburgh. There was a bit of balking on the way up, but we got there alright and the view was incredible. I was particularly impressed with the innumerable chimneys.

More chimneys please.

By this time our tummies were grumbling and it was time to head to a pub for the Scottish experience. Word had it that World's End Pub on the Royal Mile was the place to go for some good eats. Word to the wise, avoid that pub even if you have to get knifed for it. I wanted to end my world while eating there. We had to wait over an hour for a seat, almost as long for our food. The food was bad but I take part of the blame for that. I wanted the soup of the day but much to my dismay they were out so I resorted to the next thing on the menu: nachos. It is never a good idea to get nachos in Scotland. Period.

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