Monday, June 9, 2008


In her novel Northanger Abbey Jane Austin wrote, "For who could ever get tired of Bath?" and while there this weekend I echoed her question in my own mind. The entire city seemed to glow in its Georgian Architectural glory. When the sun hit the stones as it was dropping behind the Avon the whole place caught on fire. It was beautiful. We spent much of our time just exploring the city, laying on the lawn in front of this and poking into little shops and galleries.

The Royal Crescent.

As we walked up the hill toward our hostel we paused to survey the city we had just discovered and found the sky alight with color. I was stunned silent as I watched the sun sink slowly and saturation seemingly seeping from its rays.

Atop the Avon.

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Hosander said...

How can you stand to leave such beautiful places? Everywhere you go is beautiful and idyllic, it would drive me crazy to only be able to spend a few hours at a time in these places.

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