Thursday, June 5, 2008


Remember this? We finally had our little exhibition and it was even better than I anticipated. You can read all about it here. Please comment and engage in some banter with the students. We like it.

They look so posh up there on their shelf.

I didn't think standing in one spot holding a jar filled with hair could be so fun or so rewarding, but being there on my feet will be a highlight from London for sure. The reaction of the passer-bys was so positive and so inquisitive it really made the project rewarding. I got a lot of mixed reaction to the hairs. Disgusted initially then impressed after I explained that I had to ask 100 women for each specimen, but it's true. I'm a little grubby. We handed out the blog's url via stickers on our shirts. So pass the word along. Jart.

Where's Waldo.

I love my hairy little jar and it makes me laugh that one of my favorite souvenirs from London consists of a little meaningful hairball, but it summarizes so much of what has impressed me here. The diversity amongst the unity in purpose. People are so different, yet people everywhere are all striving and it's evident in their eyes. I met 100 women. Briefly yes, and sometimes it was more like doing a mime to convey that I wanted a hair rather than meeting them, but still, it was hard, and I did it when a lot of people scoffed at me for trying. And that's empowering. I realized the women everywhere are beautiful and that they come to London for reasons as diverse as they are, but amidst it all, they come for a better life. And that's why I came, so in some small way we're all connected, me and my 100 women; all women really. What a sisterhood we form. What a strength we lend.

Jart. Check it out.

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