Saturday, June 14, 2008


At dinner tonight a few of us discussed how this trip has been so much more than sight-seeing and frolicking about the English countryside, but how it can be more accurately described as a series of epiphanies. It seems like daily while going about the usual routine of class, or city, reading, seeing, sketching, visiting . . . I am frequented by a friendly light bulb illuminating a previously darkened corner of my mind. I have found corners in my mind I didn't even know I had this way. I learned so much about others and myself that I feel weighted by experience and understanding. I want to write it all down. I feel frantic to capture it all. But as I sat in the quiet stillness of my room, after all the other 13 girls are sleeping and the only sounds are rhythmic inhales and exhales, I am struck with another said epiphany that it's not in writing down what changes you, but living it. I am coming home in days I could number on just the fingers of my hand but I can be a living London by living the lasting impressions that learning here have left on my being.

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