Friday, June 13, 2008


Today we went on a centre-famed "Country Walk with Brother Chittock." I'll be the first to admit that I was excited to do this more than just about anything. A nine-mile "hike" through pastoral England? What could be better? It had been much too long since I had been hiking and had my father seen the shoes I was wearing he'd probably jump online here and start surfing for some replacements. However, I want to make it clear that they did me just fine (considering much of the walk was on pavement that's not saying too much).

If I were a stocky, sparkley, animated pony with glitzy hair, there is no doubt I'd be rompin' through those fields.

The whole thing was just scenic and idyllic to the point where I was asking myself if it was true that people actually could handle living there. I wouldn't have been surprised in the least if a My Little Pony came bounding over the fields of poppies and took flight into the cloudy blue sky. It was just that perfect.

We had lunch amidst some Roman Ruins and I fell asleep searching for pictures in the clouds. When I awoke my eyes felt puffy and within 5 minutes my lips started going numb, my tongue swelled and my face got itchy. I was worried I would need an emergency Benadryl or an Epipen or possibly a blood transfusion, but soon I got distracted by sneezing fits and eye balls so itchy I wanted to scrub them with Brillo pads. The kind with soap.

The Gem saw me in a sneezing frenzy rubbing my eyes and covering my mouth whilst attempting to keep up and see and take pictures and eat and she gave me a little white, circular pill that look suspiciously like birth control. But by the time we boarded the train that took us back to The City, I felt much better and was left with not much more than red eyes and a tired body.

However, the beauty of the day was well worth the suffering in the moment. I wanted to be sitting with Clare discussing nature and love. No such luck, but I was with Bunkmate discussing essays on the Romantics and feeling like I really have a lot to do to prepare for my day of reckoning.

We were ramblers.

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