Monday, June 2, 2008


I pulled the change, that I often deem as useless weight, from the zipper pocket of my wallet and handed it to Pancakes to give to the down-and-outs we strode past along the river. Well we happened upon a peanut vendor before we ran up against a dirty man holding a sign, and the smell lured Pancakes to inquire.
- "How much are your peanuts?"
- "One pound fifty."
- "Ah, alright--"
- "How much you got there?"
- "About a pound?"
The vendor motions Pancakes to come closer, he takes the pile of coins with two cupped palms and exchanges them for a cup of candied peanuts.
- "Thanks!"
And with that we were on our way. I begrudgingly ate the peanuts, bothered that my beggar change went towards candied nuts, but I must say, they were tasty, tasty, tasty. We continued our walk down the river, keeping a vain eye out for Kpup, but ended up turning around about here and retracing our steps back towards the tube. As we passed the spot where we had stumbled upon the peanut vendor, we heard a loud commotion and looked up to see the man, who just an hour before handed us a cup of nuts, running like a wild boar whilst dragging his little metal peanut cart behind him. Nuts were flying along with tempers, and the two men chasing the peanut vendor eventually cornered him while the passer-bys were stunned into a still stare. We had rounded the corner but I was so curious I led Pancakes back to see if we could piece together what had gone on.

When we arrived at the site of the peanut man and his disheveled cart, he was speaking fast and low while getting out papers (as were the men in vests). We couldn't decipher much visually our aurally so were left to our imaginations as to why we found the peanut vendor careening past us in a moment of blind fury with flying peanuts on his tail.

The whole thing was shady. We thought maybe he laced the nuts with drugs and was getting busted. Perhaps he didn't have his food handler's permit? Maybe he broke the peanut vendor moral code by selling peanuts for less than standard rate along that stretch of river? It remains a mystery. As does the reason why Pancakes had diarrhea for the next 2 days.


megan said...

So I stumbled across your blog via facebook not too long ago and have been thoroughly enjoying it ever since. I just thought I'd say hello so I don't feel like I'm blog stalking you. ;)

Kaitlyn said...

i love any story that involves diarrhea. and you will get a post soon lady! i promise!

the address
1201 E. Pine Ave.
El Segundo, CA 90245

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