Monday, June 2, 2008


Pancakes and I left his jet-lagged family on a homebound Tube and emerged from the belly of the underground to find Kpup on the Thames. He had been there since 4am working on a project, and we were going to give him company. We strode along the part of London I have become the most familiar with and have come to love the most. The river amazes me and it embodies so much of what this city is. The sights and smells, the view, the people, all of it! serves as a rush to the senses that makes me feel alive.

I finally got a chance to walk on the slimy shore that the river exposes when it goes out with the tide. The stairs, walls, railings, columns, piers, and rocks were positively encrusted with dried, hair-like moss that had the motions of the water frozen in their dried up form. It was all so beautiful. I could walk that stretch for ages and never get bored.

Green and hairy.

I got extensions.

Always watching.



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