Sunday, June 1, 2008


Went here today and I thought a lot about time. It seems like this theme has come up quite frequently lately, but being at the very spot where "time begins" made it seem appropriate. I find myself constantly trying to find the time to do this or trying to better utilize my time. My afternoon was not productively spent, much of it felt like meandering aimlessly. Maybe the sleepiness of those we drug along with us wore off on me, but half the time I felt like I was in some transitory state between dream and reality. We didn't ever pause to look at things in museums. It felt like we were there rather to check it off some intangible to-do list. That is just not the way I have been experiencing this place so it was a bit of a frustration. On the other hand, I didn't feel like we really did anything there, rather just walked with our eyes half closed.

How is it that I can feel both the slowness and the fastness of time simultaneously? It was such a strange day of waltzing through streets and museums, but not really absorbing much.

I was grateful that we were slow enough at times that I had the chance to look at the forgotten bits of the best parts. You know, things like soles and cigarette butts.

One thing that was particularly amazing to me was walking under the Thames through a dank, dripping tunnel. I almost felt the weight of the river sludging by above me. We have focused so much on the river while being here and realizing what a part of the city it is. I felt almost invasive traipsing underneath her.

Prime Meridian.

Smoking blows.

Ceiling at the Maritime Museum. Not enough time to see much else.

Greenwich University.

Under the Thames.

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