Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Monday, approximately 11:03am a girl on a white scooter flew headlong into on coming traffic, clipped the back of a car, was sent spinning and ended up with her back against the curb and the scooter on her right leg. She was more mad than hurt when the nice man and his son who witnessed the freak accident pulled the white machine-trap upright. What happened? What happened? It all happened so fast. A stuck throttle, a fleeting realization of panic, a piercing scream from the neighbor on the corner, and a moment of disarray before slamming to the asphalt. That's what happened.

And now my leg looks more blue than tan and my side and back have bruises to match.

The aftermath.

1 comment:

kylie said...

paigey are you ok??????????

let us play soon.

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