Monday, July 7, 2008


It's funny that we still call the 4th of July "Independence Day." I mean, no one even thinks about independence. We think about freedoms and our troops overseas. We think about veterans and patriotism. We think about red, white and blue, and we think about firemorks. But I haven't met someone yet who thinks, "Happy independence day, take THAT Britain! Hoohah and yippekiyay we're free from colonization and oppression from you! John Adams, The Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson, Patriots, Loyalists, Founders, Framers, Star and Stripes. . . IN YOUR FACE!" In fact, I hope never to meet some one like that.

Mostly we just like to blow up things in the sky (and other places too) and hold our hands on our hearts whilst reciting what began as propagandistic material in children's magazine in 1892 and contemplate our freedoms.

Cynicism aside, I'm proud to be an American (even when bad singers belt patriotic songs on microphones at every civic event across the nation). I love my country and I love what it was founded on. I love the resilient spirit of Americans and the way that hardships unite us. I'm proud of the women and men who serve our country (despite the rumors and controversy, conflicting views and propaganda and falsehoods). I love our civil servants (not our politicians) and most of all I love living in a land where I can be with those I love and feel safe doing it.

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