Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I only had eight minutes but I knew that I wanted to fill my senses so I decided to take a wall. Just one. I opened my eyes and put on my discerning glasses. Then I unscrewed the top of my head and stood in a wide stance, hip cocked to one side and head cocked the other. My arms were folded across my chest and I stood there peering down my nose.

On that wall I saw family, symbolism, holding hands, eternity, brown, red, white, gray, black, blue, repeating, pattern, line, texture, value, chaos, order, love, stress, endurance, skill, time, neurosis, obsessiveness, tension, serenity, and maybe a little of myself.

It made me want to pick up my brushes again and get a board to paint on. I need to work out a few series this summer, but two-thirds of the summer months have already burned away with the water that evaporated out of the bottle left on my dashboard. So I'll have to do a lot of thinking while I drive or slice lemons, or box, swag and fruffle, or mindlessly drone away at the desk job. And then I'll come home and get started. For real.

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