Thursday, August 7, 2008


The old Sisterhood got together for the opening day of this. Yes, we went. Yes, we enjoyed every moment of it. It was an entire theater full of girls. We gasped in all the right places and then giggled at how girly we are. We sighed in unison and whispered in a climactic chorus. There were tears and there was laughter. And most of all there was the color of well-worn denim.

I'm always surprised at how we can get together and not miss a beat. It stuns me to think of how much time has passed between us since that fateful summer. Sometimes the time doesn't seem long enough for how much space keeps us apart. Marriages, foreign countries, college and family; at times that summer doesn't even seem real. The things we did, the laughter and memories we shared. How is it that all of the sudden three years have passed and we are sitting together again with mounds of our lives on the table. There is so much life contained in each little body it feels like there isn't room to contain it. How does one acquire so much life?

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you were to bundle your life experience into a tidy package? Would it be light or dark? Heavy or soft? Would it have spines or perhaps hair? Would it shine or glow? Would it make you smile as you picked it up? Make you cry? I wonder if I'd want to purchase one if I saw it on a shelf? Or maybe check it out with my library card?

Reminiscing was fun and made me realize once again how important people are to me, how they impress me, how they imprint me and ultimately leave me on my knees in prayers of thanksgiving.

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kylie said...

just saw it loved it love you!

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