Sunday, August 24, 2008


The last of the little guys gave his farewell address this morning and I was struck as I left the church how far we've all come in the last year. It seems like the day after you graduate, you're hurled in a mad rush towards adulthood, not that I feel like I've completely arrived yet. But you realize how your goals have changed, how your mindset is different, how your priorities shift and your passions align. It's humbling to look at a single aspect and measure your growth or count the ways in which you've been bettered by the hard times.

It makes me wonder when it all slows down. Are the twenties taken at a more even speed than the teen years were sped through? Maybe at forty we're stuck in a rut to the point that moving is hard enough, let alone racing at a breakneck pace. Could it be that the last few years of progression are just a taste of what is to come?

Maybe life is a series of assaults. It sure feels that way some times. But maybe the assaults come in succession, like they have been since the time I learned what the word assault meant, and they continue in different waves of speed bumps to keep us on our toes and constantly looking forward in an attitude of self-betterment and progression.

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