Tuesday, October 21, 2008


There are several people who ask me why I am such an Obama supporter. Sometimes it feels like lifting up your sleeve and revealing a swastika tattooed in black ink when people ask me who I align myself with.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

The questions I always ask people is how much of their own research they have done, and what issues matter most to them. I, for one, have always been a proponent of women's rights. I think equal pay is a no-brainer, and discrimination of any sort is intolerable. In this light, I would like to draw your attention to voting records of a certain Republican Presidential Candidate who seems like a man that would uphold the rights of women (he did, after all, choose one as his VP pick) but these two NAYs (among other things) have lead me to believe that women in particular should wonder about casting their vote in his direction.

And I'm not alone. One of my professors is an avid Obama supporter. He sent me several links about things he's written and other online sources laying out policies and setting records straight.

Here are a few:
Obama in 30 Seconds
Obama Speaks for Himself
Energy Independence and the Safety of Our Planet
The War in Iraq
The Great Need of Our Hour

The final word, Obama doesn't eat babies or harbor white child slaves. He's not a terrorist or a socialist or any other "ist." I believe he is honest, hard working and smart. Most of all, I believe that he is crossing boundary lines that have never been challenged. Colin Powell said it right in this endorsement video.

Gobama .


Pancake said...

I know why you support Obama. Erica brainwashed you.

medicus said...

Yeah, Gobama all the way!!

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