Thursday, November 6, 2008


I'm glad the grounds crew doesn't clean up my secret path that I walk every day. It's almost cathartic to walk on golden leaves and feel them crunch beneath my weight. I always have to pause and take a moment to absorb as I go throughout my day. This morning I took a moment on my path to look down and feel the weightlessness of walking on leaves so thick that the gravel and dirt beneath seem too far away to offer solidity and form.

Golden Slumbers.

I love Autumn for it's reminder of frailty and fragility, for it's constant offering of color and beauty, for the smells that make my skin itch for sweaters, for the crispness in the air that leaves my face stinging as I walk inside. It's a good stinging, a clean one.

Plus, sometimes it's good to get a little stung. It teaches us to button up our coats a little tighter and hug our shoulders.

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Sarah Orme said...

Ginkgo biloba...those are the leaves that you are trampling. I was walking past the ASB and looked up at my favorite tree-the Ginkgo. It was showering its golden treats on the ground, and i watched for 15 minutes as the tree released 70% of its leaves. It was amazing, but the change was tragic. Another reminder how beautiful things let go of their beauty only to become what appears to be a wooden carcase. I love you.

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